• Quality Materials

    MelokidShoes are made of genuine leather and premium materials, which are proven to allow for better breathability.

  • Toes

    MelokidShoes are designed with slight rise to protect the toes and have a wide toe box that enables them to have space to splay naturally.

  • Arch

    Children's shoes must provide a good arch support to help their stability. With flexible and breathable insoles, our shoes make this a priority.

  • Ankle

    Ankles need to be well covered; our velcro straps and laced shoes offer necessary support while balancing comfort.

A touch of Europe

MelokidShoes launched in 2021 - however, the history of our product line goes back to our European heritage & our sister brands' success dating back to 1976.

Our shoes continue to be manufactured in Europe, with the same high quality and legacy behind them, now offered to the US market for the very first time!

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