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They crawl... they walk.. they run! At each step of your child's journey you will behind to support them. They deserve the best. MeloKidShoes focuses on ages up to 7 years old when you - and nobody but you - get to decide what is best for your child.

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Fun yet sophisticated, just like the Italian city... 


Fun and loud like the Spanish city 

A touch of Europe

We name our collections after European cities: the vibrant and loud Madrid, the cool and minimalist Oslo...

Our little shoes have the elegance and quality that the European shoe industry has consistently been a symbol of.

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Determining your child's size of shoe

  • Toes

    To protect tiny feet from bumping into things, the front part of the shoe must be a little higher, doctors say... Our shoes top this recommendation.

  • Arch

    Children's shoes must provide a good arch support. Guess what? Our shoes make this a priority.

  • Ankle

    Ankle needs to be really well covered, while at the same time feel soft and comfortable. Our velcro ties totally fit the bill.